PawDoc is your innovative practice solution
Who are we?

A group of animal lovers hoping to make a difference in the Veterinary world!

Like you we love our pets, so we thought how great would it be if you had access to your Veterinarian when you have questions whenever you need? PawDoc was created to help pet owners get in touch with their Veterinarians. It also helps Veterinarians stay in touch with their patients and give them the best, most efficient care possible. Using our technology Veterinarians can give their practice a competitive advantage, practicing 21st century medicine. They can distinguish their practice from the competition.

Meet Our Team

Monte Zarlingo MD

Monte Zarlingo Founder and CEO

Michael Wiykovics

Chief Technology Officer
Monte Zarlingo Founder and CEO

Meagan Hegler

Relationship Manager
Meagan Hegler Relationhip manager